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Do you use organic or plain rice?

Artifact Girl

Hi Selina!

I used plain rice, but I made sure to wash the rice about 2 times before letting it soak. When you're using the boiling method, the plain rice will be just fine. However, I would recommend using organic rice (when using the soaking method) just to be more cautious...no pesticides/harsh chemicals!

I hope this helped! :)


Does brown rice work as well?

Artifact Girl

Hello Kate,

Brown rice doesn't get as milky (due to the color of course) but works just as well! ;)


Hello and thankyou for this helpful tip. i was wondering though, when i use a regular toner, i don't wash it off. do i need to rinse off the rice water or can i just put it on my face and let it soak in. if not, why should i rinse it off? thank you :)

Artifact Girl

Hi Abigail! I'm glad it was helpful! The rice water leaves a starchy, slightly sticky film on the skin after it dries. I personally don't like this feeling, so I like to rinse it off. If you don't mind that feeling, you can keep it on throughout the day/ or overnight. I hope this helped! :)


Hi, I did this with plain rice but I forgot to wash it before using it on my face. Now the sides of my nose hurt. Will this heal?

Artifact Girl

Hello Stephane! Oh that's terrible to hear! I've never experienced the same. I wonder if your skin does not react well to starch. If the side of your nose continues to hurt, I would suggest to visit a clinic immediately. I hope all goes well.


Hi, I was just wondering if you could keep the water from the rice from when we are cleaning the rice, and then boil the water. And if we should store it in the fridge after boiling it. Thank you.

Artifact Girl

Hello! I've never tried boiling the rice water right after cleaning. But I don't see how it would hurt to try! But, if you're going the extra mile to boil the water, I would suggest to boil the water and rice together. By boiling the rice and water together it extracts more rice benefits. The texture should be more starchy (congee/porridge like). ;)

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Cristen Dina

i have learnt a new thing from this article :) thanks


I used the boiled rice water on face after washing my face with a mild face wash...after the rice water drying off I rubbed my skin with my fingers and the rice water came out blackish in color...was it dead skin cells and dirt? and my face wasnt properly cleansed?


Should i leave the Rice in Cold of warm water?

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